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Wednesday April 23, 2014
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2014 03:08 AM
If money can't buy you happiness, how come it can buy you trouble? Someone is less than pleased with your conduct where spending is concerned. Yesterday saw you involved in a spend-a-thon. Could that be where the problem started? You need to weigh up your spending practices and make sure you're being fair to those you're financially aligned with. On the other hand you might be receiving a dumping from someone else's jealousy about your recent luck and success.

Leo Daily Horoscopes for Tomorrow

You're feeling restricted within your closest relationship. If you are much younger or older than a partner, consider whether such an age gap is going to work between you. If the discrepancy is more about differences in professional clout and status, open up communications about it, expressing how you feel and making necessary adaptions. Above all, take some time out for yourself. Do some solitary roaming ...

Leo Daily Horoscopes for Yesterday

There isn't a planet or a sign that actually says SHOPPING, but today Leo's long to shop till they drop. You're likely to find some magnificent bargains for your efforts as well. Quite simply, you're out to look like a million dollars! You'll manage that today, no trouble. ...

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