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Friday April 18, 2014
Last Updated: Apr 17, 2014 03:08 AM
You could be the victim of some kind of deception today, unless you remain very alert. Mercury turns retrograde in your mid-heaven so if you don't want to face the hard facts about someone, they may be able to pull the wool over your eyes. Review past experiences with this person and score them on a scale of one to ten for honesty; you may not like the answers, but at least you'll be able to protect your interests. Try not to sign contracts or give your word on anything today or in the weeks ahead without researching the facts.

Leo Daily Horoscopes for Tomorrow

You seem to have a soothing effect on people today. Folk who would usually keep themselves to themselves are likely to confide in you, even expand on fairly personal and emotional matters. Because you have the knack of saying the right thing at the right time, you will find certain people very grateful for your advice and understanding. Not that you're looking for it, but you could find accolades ...

Leo Daily Horoscopes for Yesterday

After yesterday's rollercoaster with erratic people, you've schooled yourself to be the epitome of consideration. Just as you inwardly decide not to judge certain others harshly for their behavior, they actually stop behaving like ding-bats anyway. So all is calm, all is bright. Your decision to behave like a saint in the face of obdurate or half-daft others will have a ...

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