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Leo Male Personality Traits

Born Jul 23~Aug 22Ruling PlanetSun
SymbolThe LionElementFire
Basic TraitI WillClosest MetalGold
Lucky DaySundayQualityFixed
Lucky PlacesSpacious placeLucky Numbers5, 9
Lucky ColorGold, Orange and Yellow
Lucky FlowersMarigolds and Daffodils
Lucky GemsCarbuncles, Rubies and Diamonds
Ruling GoldGreek-Apollo; Roman-Apollo
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Overall personality traits

A Leo man is sociable and always full of zest in life.

He likes to be the centre of the attention and he never lacks admirers in life. He is generous, charming, gallant and very courteous.

A Leo male likes to be treated with respect and he is always a faithful friend and company. However a Leo man has a very bad temper. He can get irritated easily if others show disrespect towards him.

A Leo man is not great with finances and it is advisable to leave money management to someone else rather than a Leo man!


A Leo man enjoys attention and to approach him, you could start with taking interest in his social activities.

Never try to dominate a Leo male because he will never surrender. He enjoys freedoms and perceives it one of the most important things for him in life. He is romantic and can easily fall in love in a romantic environment.

A Leo male is generous with money when he falls in love with you. He will take you to the most extravagant places he knows and will load you with love letters and flowers.

A Leo man can be very possessive in a relationship. Try to be tolerant and accommodating when you fall in love with him. He often prefers you to be at home after you get married.

A Leo man will never stop being romantic. To be his partner you should always give the attention he desires. He can be a very caring husband and a protective father when he is content and happy.

Being his partner, you should try to forgive his bad temper and protect children from a Leo man's bed temper. It is important to treat him with love, respect and care.

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