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Leo Kid Personality Traits

Born Jul 23~Aug 22Ruling PlanetSun
SymbolThe LionElementFire
Basic TraitI WillClosest MetalGold
Lucky DaySundayQualityFixed
Lucky PlacesSpacious placeLucky Numbers5, 9
Lucky ColorGold, Orange and Yellow
Lucky FlowersMarigolds and Daffodils
Lucky GemsCarbuncles, Rubies and Diamonds
Ruling GoldGreek-Apollo; Roman-Apollo
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A Leo Child likes to show off and enjoys being the centre of the attention in a group. As his/her parents, you need to make sure he/she does not become too proud or boastful.

A Leo Child is daring, energetic and always seems to be full of life. He/She likes to do things at his/her own will. As his/her parents you should teach him/her responsibility from an early age.

He needs to learn to respect others. Teach him/her by showing him/her the right way. As long as you treat him/her with love and care, he/she will never refuse to listen and learn from you.

Develop a Leo child's confidence by encouraging him/her to do things that he/she is afraid of.

A Leo Child often finds housework is a chore. It is important for the parents to teach him/her the sense of responsibility. He/She is intelligent and a quick learner. He/She can be lazy on subjects which he/she finds it boring. Try to nurture his/her interest in different things.

Always be prepared to compliment a Leo child if he/she performs well in school. He/She will get encouraged and become more earnest to learn.

A Leo Child never knows how to save money. He/She always spends every penny in his/her pocket soon he/she has it. Having said that, a Leo child is often very helpful and he/she never hesitates to help his/her friends.

Most Leo children love parties and a Leo child can feel attracted to the opposite sex at an early sex. As his/her parents, you need to be there to talk to him/her as his/her friend. Always give a Leo Child plenty of freedom and he/she will turn into a very successful person after he/she grows up.

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