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Leo Female Personality Traits

Born Jul 23~Aug 22Ruling PlanetSun
SymbolThe LionElementFire
Basic TraitI WillClosest MetalGold
Lucky DaySundayQualityFixed
Lucky PlacesSpacious placeLucky Numbers5, 9
Lucky ColorGold, Orange and Yellow
Lucky FlowersMarigolds and Daffodils
Lucky GemsCarbuncles, Rubies and Diamonds
Ruling GoldGreek-Apollo; Roman-Apollo
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Overall personality Traits

A Leo woman has often an attractive appearance and a charming personality.

She likes to be the centre of attention and can be very competitive. She is lively, elegant, sensual and very desirable.

A Leo female never wants to be dominated. She is dependant and has great passion in life. She always appears elegant and tasteful in social occasions. She enjoys genuine and sincere compliments.

A Leo woman is caring and has great patience and love towards kids. She enjoys a busy social life and takes great pleasure in intellectual social activities.

She may appear proud or even arrogant at times. But she will be always a loving and pleasant company. Her talent, intelligence and generosity often make her irresistible.


Leo enjoys freedom in a relationship. She does not like to be restrained in any way. To be her partner, you need to be tasteful, organized and romantic.

A Leo woman enjoys intellectual social activities. So taking her out to places such as theatres, cinemas or art galleries are a great way to win her favour.

A Leo Female is social and can be a great hostess if she chooses to. She knows how to entertain guests. On the other hand Leo is not great at money management.

She can be an affectionate mother and wife. She enjoys spending her time with children and family. However she will never lose her independence.

A Leo woman always gains attention from the opposite sex. To be her partner, you need to be open-minded and considerate. As long as she loves you, a Leo woman will always remain loyal to you.

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