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Leo Action and Advices

Attitude to relationships

Leo believes that relationships are an important source of happiness.

Approach to relationships

Leo's love is always optimistic and passionate.

Approach to separation (For men)

Hide behind her back when you are in trouble.

Approach to separation (For women)

Tell him how handsome your boss is.

Signs of a change of heart

Male: He spends a lot, but none of it on you.
Female: When she says you are not passionate and don't care about her enough.

Personality and consequences

Leo is usually up-beat, but when things go wrong, you can easily become frustrated.

Individual quirks

Never go to Karaoke with Leo. Leo likes to be the focus of attention, so unless you are very good at giving compliments, you are likely to have a hard time when socializing with Leo.

How to ask out guys?

Leo likes to socialize with groups. So try to invite him out.

When breaking-up ...

Dignity will prevent Leo from expressing their true feelings. Leo tries to be strong in front of others.

What to say about love?

When committing to a relationship Leo enjoys praise.

The Ideal Lover

Leo likes to be noticed and complimented. Leo's lover should be capable, confident, and sporty.

Your charming characteristics

Leo is passionate, witty, and ambitious.

Fall in love at first sight

Leo is passionate, kind, and charming. You have a high chance of falling in love at first sight.

How to communicate in a relationship?

To communicate with Leo, you need to avoid embarrassing Leo. Be modest.

Money management

Leo spends money generously. You should save some in long-term investments.

Who are you afraid of?

Leo is afraid of dealing with Pisces and Cancer. Leo likes to be complimented and finds it hard to accept criticism. You should learn to take it easy.


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