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Leo 2019 Yearly Outlook

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Overall fortune

Leo is always full of energy and confidence. In 2019 owing to the impact from Jupiter, Leo expects to face lots of challenges. Try to prepare well, observe, and take advice from others. Learn to recognize your weakness and find ways to improve them. Try to rely more on yourself, other than others, to make positives changes in your life.


2019 is a new beginning for Leo. You become more realistic and look for cues whether the other person really cares about you. In February and March, you may often reminisce about your past relationship. After June for Single Leo you expect to meet someone you like. For Leo in a relationship, you and your partner become closer after August.

Money management

Overall Leo’s financial status expects to fluctuate throughout the year in 2019. You may find your expenditure increases during the second half of the year. August is a good month for Leo, as you may receive guidance from others. The end of October may be a good time for Leo to make investments. Try to avoid gambling as you may run the risk of becoming addicted.

Academic Guidance

Leo expects to have a good year in school in 2019. Interest is the best teacher for Leo. Try to find areas of interest for yourself, otherwise you may find it hard to focus. When you encounter difficulties in school, it is important to spend time to investigate and learn. Between June and August, Leo expects to stay positive and make great progress academically.


Leo wants to make progress and strive for success in 2019, especially for male Leo. During the first half of the year though there may be obstacles Leo expects to deal with them well. It is important for Leo to continue to focus on self-improvement. Try to listen to others. From August onwards, it is may be good time for Leo to reflect and learn from the past. Overall it is important for Leo to stay modest and avoid offending others at work.


Overall Leo expects to enjoy good health in 2019. Try to maintain your healthy routine and set aside time to exercise and meditate. Do not close yourself up; instead take the time to be with your friends. It may be good to listen to some relaxing music before you go to bed.


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