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Leo 2013 Yearly Outlook

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Overall fortune

For Leo 2013 expects to be a colorful year. You expect to make break through on many things. Pluto will make you full of imagination and creativity and you are likely to excel on whatever you do. You expect to have a wonderful relationship too. Though Saturn may create some obstacles for you sometimes. Deal with the obstacles carefully and you will be fine.


Leo expects to have a harmonious relationship in 2013. In fact you can be very attentive and know how to offer comfort and encouragements to those in need. Leo is very understanding and considerate. You can be very inquisitive sometimes.

Thanks to Pluto and Mars, your relationship expects to be very smooth. For single Leo, you long for entering into a relationship and you can become very sensitive; For Leo in a relationship, you may find your partner demanding from time to time; just remember that it may be only because he/she love you.

Money management

Leo expects to be careful with money in 2013. You may find opportunities at the beginning of the year for investments, but due to constraints you may not be able to invest. After summer Leo expects to encounter more investment opportunities. Try to avoid investing in land and try to avoid investing in autumn. In September and October, you may feel confused how to manage your finance.

Academic Guidance

Leo expects to be careful during the first half of 2013. You will perform better after August. Try to work hard and stay focused in order to achieve good performance in school. Be assured that your hard work will pay off.


With the influence from different Planets, you will try to expand your social circle in 2013 and also change your career direction. Due to the conflicts between Pluto and Mars, you may find your ideas being challenged. Try to stop worrying about the future and do not be suspicious all the time. Try to make some changes to what you do today and work closer with your team around you.


Pay attention to your hand and blood vessels, as well as your vocal cords and rib discomforts. April, May and October are the months that Leo may feel weak. Overall you need to rest more and pay more attention to your health.

Strength Strength & Weakness Weakness

Strength: Caring, passionate, generous, open-minded, innovative, and creative

Weakness: Self-indulgent, intolerant, snobbish, possessive, and can be very inquisitive


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