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Leo 2012 Yearly Outlook

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Overall Fortune

For Leo 2012 can be a confusing year. Due to the consistent impact from Neptune Leo is likely to feel confused, restless and act rashly. On the other hand thanks to the influence from Jupiter Leo can feel better sometimes. Leo can make decisions in a rash manner and therefore may be perceived by others as irrational and impulsive.


For single Leo your attitude towards relationship may appear impulsive and therefore your relationship can come and go easily, especially for the first half of the year. On the other hand your relationship will become more stabilized when it is near the end of 2012.

For Leo in a relationship you may have more arguments or disputes with your partner, even though you get along well with each other in everyday life. Try to control your temper and try to think from the other party's point of view, especially during August and September.

Money Management

2012 is an uneventful year for Leo in terms of money. At the beginning of the year Leo expects to come across some investment opportunities. Try to have more confidence in yourself. In summer Leo needs to watch out for expenses and try not to waste money. Be more careful with your wallet when you go out. Autumn can be a difficult season for Leo. Try to prepare for the worst. Your financial situation will improve after October.

Academic Guidance

Leo expects to perform well in spring, especially in exams. In summer Leo needs to be patient and calm to avoid making careless mistakes, especially in June. In July Leo is very lucky in exams but Leo has to be focused. In autumn Leo needs to be prepared in order to face the pressure from school. From early autumn to the end of the year, Leo expects to make a lot of progress academically.


For Leo looking for a job 2012 may prove to be a difficult year. Blindness and self-deceit can prevent Leo from finding a job. There will be opportunities but Leo may need friends' guidance and encouragements, especially in February and March. In summer and autumn it will be difficult for Leo to find an appropriate job, but the situation will improve in winter.

For Leo working in the office, 2012 is a year for promotion. The pressure Leo faces in 2012 will be great. But on the other hand pressure signifies opportunity. From July on it will be time for Leo to perform and shine at work. All the efforts Leo puts in will pay off.


You need to pay attention to your foot and liver problems. In addition Leo needs to be careful about throat and rib ailments. Leo is likely to feel weak between May and September. Overall Leo needs to take time off to relax more.


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